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Brake Caliper Tools

Brake caliper tools are designed to make changing brake calipers on a car. They allow mechanics to make accurate measurements in the process to assist in accurate replacements of brake pads. In doing so, they prevent any damage caused to the pistons, seals, or the brake pads themselves when replacing.

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Key Features : Brake Caliper Tools

There are several key features of brake caliper tools. First, they come with a range of adapters, meaning that they can be used for different types of cars. This is beneficial even if you are using it at home for your own car maintenance, because if you end up changing your car to a different manufacturer, then the calliper tools will still be useful.

Second, they come with a RH drive rewind tool. This will assist the user in ensuring that the callipers are tightened correctly. Doing so will main a high level of safety in the car, and the reassurance that you can drive it afterwards with confidence in the work completed.

Finally, they come equipped with a reaction plate, which helps to rewind pistons under pressure during the replacement process. This means that they will be rewound to optimum levels and in turn ensure safety.

The main use of brake calliper tools is to change brake pads in a car or other vehicle. They can also be used to make any adjustments to the brakes or to check that they are functioning properly. All of which will help ensure that the car is operating safely, and the maintenance aspect will also increase the longevity of the brakes themselves.

They are typically designed to work with different vehicle types, so there are different brake calliper tools for cars, motorcycles and vans or other larger vehicles. It is also important to check compatibility if your car is not by a European or Japanese manufacturer as these tend to have a different tread type.

There are 3 main benefits to having and using your own brake calliper tools. First, they allow you to change brake pads from the comfort of your own home. This means that you will no longer have to book your car into the garage to get them changed and can instead do the changes at a time that suits you. As well as being convenient, this will also save a lot of time.

Second, being able to car out this car maintenance on your own can save money. Once you have paid the initial outlay of the calliper tools themselves, you will only need to pay for any consumable parts for the car, such as the brake pads. This means that after the first few changes, you will start to save money as you will no longer have to pay the garage labour costs.

Finally, they can be transported easily due to being small. This means that they can be taken anywhere that brakes may need to be adjusted. This is important for those who work with cars, or just like the reassurance of being able to make checks and changes when necessary.