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Borescopes & Inspection Cameras

Inspection Cameras, which are also sometimes referred to as Borescopes, is an instrument that is designed to allow the user to look in hard to reach places. It consists of a camera on a long handle, allowing the user to direct it into these places. They are particularly useful for checking engine bays or looking for blockages, making them an asset to a mechanic or a DIY enthusiastic looking to work on these sorts of projects.

Key Features: Borescopes

Borescopes have 4 main key features. First, they consist of either a rigid or flexible length. This allows the user to be able to direct the camera and then keep it in place. Second, they have a light attached to them. This makes it possible to illuminate the area that is being inspected. As Borescopes are primary used for hard-to-reach areas, this particularly important as it would be challenging to find a way to add a separate source of light to the area. Having this easy use of light makes it possible to inspect the area carefully.

Third, is the optical system itself. This can come in a few forms such as a fibre optic image guide, CMOS camera, rod lens system or relay lens system. Finally, Borescopes have a monitor attached to them, allowing the image from the camera to be visible to the user while operating it. This makes it possible to adjust the camera if needed for a thorough inspection.

Although typically used by auto mechanics and plumbers, Borescopes can be used for inspections elsewhere. This includes, but is not limited to, car engines, turbine engines, gear boxes, welding work, heat exchanger tubes, cast parts, locating foreign objects, and viewing of manufactured or machined parts.

There are a number of benefits to using your own Borescope. First, they produce a clear image that is processed and enlarged in a way that makes it easier to inspect the area. Second, some come with a video and photo feature, making it possible to record your observation. This means you will have the information from the images available to use, without having the camera running constantly.

Due to being one connected instrument, they avoid image distortion and breaking-up of the image, allowing for a smooth viewing process. The cameras are designed to be hardwearing, allowing them to last longer in even the harshest settings.

Having the camera available to view in live time make it possible for more than one person to view the area at the same time. This provides opportunities for a team to collectively diagnose the problem, and to help teach others to do the same.

Borescopes are constructed using waterproof materials, making it possible for them to withstand areas where they may be water, as well as synthetic lubricants, petrol, diesel, and other similar liquids. Finally, the competitive market of Borescopes make it possible to get a good quality item without spending too much. In turn, the use of it could even save you money by finding problems quickly.