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There is a wide range of lifting equipment available to help mechanics operate a modern garage, from motorcycle lifts, stands & dollies to car trolley jacks, bottle jacks and engine cranes. Engine lifts, stands, cranes and dollies are pieces of equipment that are important in any garage and help to manage heavy parts, most notably motorcycle and car engines. Lifts are designed to hold the engine up high so that you can check underneath and/or work on the engine at an appropriate height. Stands are designed to keep the engine in one position to carry out repairs or maintenance on the general body. Finally, dollies are designed to keep the motorcycle still, but give you the freedom to move it around if needed.

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Engine Lifts, Stands, Cranes & Dollies Features & Benefits

Engine lifts have some key features including that they made from highly durable materials and can hold a lot of weight, giving you the reassurance to lift up a car or bike on it and be able to work low down near the bottom, without the fear of it falling off. As well as this, motorbike stands are designed with reinforced bars, that ensures that the motorcycle is always held in position, allowing the freedom to work on it safely.

A great key feature of dollies is that they have castors attached to each corner. This means that you can move the motorcycle or engine around when it is fixed to it, allowing accessing to different parts of the machine. They also are made from non-slip materials, helping ensuring safety in the workshop or garage.

Although there are different types of lifts, stands, cranes and dollies, they can be used for all types of motorcycle or car. This is important if you enjoy working on different vehicles for either work or as a hobby as no matter what type, the devices that you use will be compatible. This is also important for the same reasons if you are someone who has more than one type of vehicle yourself, or who likes to change up brands when you get a new one.

There are 3 main benefits to using a combination of lifts, stands and dollies when working in a garage. First, this equipment for your repair or maintenance work will prevent you from hurting yourself. This is because the motorcycle or engine will be kept in a position that suits you best to work on it, without any unnecessary strain from holding it in position, or working underneath it without ample room.

Second, they allow you to be able to work from your own garage or workshop. This means you will be able to carry out these repairs or maintenance at home and not have to book it into a garage to do so. This in turn will help you save money, as you are able to do your own mechanic work if possible.

Finally, due the engine or motorcycle being held in a workable position, they allow you to get more work done and to a higher standard. This is because rather than focusing on propping the machine up in different ways or being creative in how you position or manoeuvre it, instead you can prop it up safely, and spend the rest of your time and energy on the job at hand.