GYS GYS GYSMATIC Air Fed Welding Helmet TrueColour 5/13 XXL


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New HSE rules state that employers are duty bound to provide employees protective equipment to prevent inhaltion of carciogenic welding fumes. The Gysmatic air fed helmet has a 3 speed fan which ensures a constant flow of filtered air to the welders face. The Lithium battery pack runs for 12 hours between charges & is housed on a comfortable waistbelt/shoulder harness. This product features the latest Truecolour welding helmet technology which removes the green tint from the welders view creating near perfect visibility of the weld piece (4K HD TV vs black & white). The XXL viewing area significantly increases field of vision thus reducing eye strain when welding. A dual scale shade selector also makes this helmet ideal for TIG welding at low Amps

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