Streetwize 12V Super Capacitor Jump Starter


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This supercapacitor emergency jump starter can help you get out of a bad spot when your car is not igniting because of a flat or low battery. With this emergency jump starter, it removes the need for another motorist to jumpstart your car. This jump starter is unlike others on the market as it doesn’t come with a built-in battery. The capacitor inside this jump starter draws power from your vehicle’s weak battery, allowing you to use it straight away. Charge time to charge up internal battery is up to 0.25 hour. Suitable for petrol engines up to 8000cc and diesel engines up to 8000cc. LED status indicators. Heavy duty booster cable length of 0.5m. 1500 amp booster current to assist engine starting. Requires full charge before use. Accessories included:12V DC rechargeable portable power station. (DC charger included). 12V power lead. AC adaptor. USB power socket. EAN: 5026637688508.

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