Powerbase 850W Electric Angle Grinder


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The Powerbase 850W Electric Angle Grinder is a powerful tool designed for cutting, grinding and polishing various materials such as metal, stone and concrete. It offers high performance and versatility for a wide range of applications. Key features commonly found in the Powerbase 850W Electric Angle Grinder:- Motor Power: the angle grinder is equipped with an 850W motor, providing ample power for demanding cutting and grinding tasks.- Disc Size: The grinder is compatible with 115mm discs allowing for efficient cutting and grinding operations.- Spindle Lock: a spindle lock feature enables easy and quick disc changes, as it immobilises the spindle for safe and convenient removal or installation of the disc.- Adjustable Guard: the grinder is equipped with an adjustable guard that provides protection and helps direct sparks and debris away from the user.- Auxiliary Handle: an auxiliary handle or side handle is included, offering enhanced control and stability during operation.

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