Portable Power Technology TBB Power IH 2000W 12V Pure Sinewave Inverter (IH2000L)


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IH 2000W 12V Pure Sinewave Inverter (IH2000L).New HF compact and efficient pure sinewave Inverter range to power your appliances from 12V battery. Designed to provide 230VAC from 12V leisure battery the IH series are rich in features and are available in output power ratings of 400W, 700W, 1000W, 1500W and 2000W. Pure sinewave 230V output enables compatibility with most appliances including those more sensitive and inductive loads. High efficiency of up to 90% ensures effective use of the battery energy and both the 1500W and 2000W units have a power saving mode so reducing the consumption to just a few watts when no load (or specified range) is detected. 200% surge capability (1 second) and built in protection ensures the IH range are easy to install and safe to use. Integrated LED lights display status of inverter and battery voltage along with fault indication. Models of ratings 700W and above benefit from a remote control port (used with RIH remote) and USB output (2A) enabling the charging of mobile devices without having to use the 230V AC socket. The IH range from 700W upwards also has a comms port (RS485) to allow connection and reporting to the TBB ecosystem. All products in the series feature a remote terminal which provides on/off via ignition or via separately installed switch if required. The new IH range are ideal for in vehicle use including leisure and commercial vehicles as well as marine. Note : DC input cables are NOT included. Features- Pure Sinewave output – output power ratings from 400W to 2000W High frequency design making it compact and light weight 200% output surge capability High efficiency – up to 90% Low power consumption Power Saving mode (on models IH1500 and IH2000) Thermal and load controlled fan Built in USB charger (2A) on all models (except IH400) Dry contact input and output Complete protection – overload, short circuit, over temperature, Under/over voltage Remote control option on all models (except IH400)

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