Milwaukee Rubber Sleeve Jacket for M12 FRAIWF38 and M12 FRAIWF12 Impact Wrench


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Introducing the Milwaukee Rubber Sleeve Jacket, the ultimate accessory designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your M12 FRAIWF38 and M12 FRAIWF12 Impact Wrench. Engineered with precision, this sleeve offers unbeatable protection while maintaining a sleek, lightweight profile. Crafted from flexible, proprietary rubber, it effortlessly safeguards your tool and work surface from the toughest maintenance environments. This durable sleeve is resistant to corrosive materials commonly encountered in industrial settings, ensuring reliable performance with every use. Please Note that it is not intended for use on or near live electrical circuits to prevent damage to the tool motor and potential warranty voiding. Features & Benefits • Form-fitting, lightweight design protects the tool and work surface while adding minimal size or weight to the tool • Flexible material allows for easy install and removal • Durable proprietary rubber designed to withstand corrosive materials commonly found in maintenance environments Specifications • Pack Quantity: 1 • Compatible Model: M12 FRAIWF38, M12 FRAIWF12

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