Machine Mart Xtra Laser 3991 16 Piece Brake Caliper Rewind Tool Kit


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This brake calliper wind back tool kit is complete with an air tool. It is a new product which assists this essential servicing procedure. The air tool may also be used separately with other products. 0 60mm Drive Key with single pin. 2 50mm – flanged Drive Key with extended pin. 3 35/42/53mm – Variable size Drive Key. 4 30mm Drive Key. 5 32mm Drive Key for use with 3/8”D ratchet For use with 3/8”D Ratchet where minimum force is necessary. 6 40mm Drive Key with extended pins. 7 40mm Drive Key Audi 80/90 & V8 Saab 9000 | Subaru L & 2 series. 8 45mm Flanged Drive Key. 9 52mm Flanged Drive Key. A 3/8” drive adaptor. E 40mm Drive Key with 4 pins. F 28mm Drive Key with extended pins. K 53mm Drive Key with 3 pins. M 31mm Drive Key. N 30mm Drive Key for use with 12mm spanner.

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