Hyundai Hyundai DHY22KSEm 27.5 kVA Diesel Generator 230V


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The Hyundai DHY22KSEm Diesel Generator is an effective and reliable source of backup power for your home or business. It has a powerful 26HP, 4 stroke, water-cooled Hyundai diesel engine that produces 28.0kVA/24.0kW. Despite its power, the DHY22KSEm is a quiet unit thanks to the low-noise, weather-proof canopy that houses it. This helps limit noise pollution and any distraction to your work force or family when the machine is in use. The DHY22KSEm has a large 93 litre fuel tank and can be cost effective to run as you can use red diesel to fuel it. This generator can be used to power differing electrical equipment as it has 2 x 230v 32A sockets, 1 x 230V 63A socket and a busbar. It also contains an AVR Alternator to make sure your generator produces clean energy, making it suitable for charging sensitive electronic equipment such as TVs, games consoles or laptops. With 1500rpm, the engine on the DHY22KSEm is less stressed when compared to 3000rpm generators and this help extend the lifespan of the machine if it is properly serviced. This model is equipped with a ComAp InteiLite MRS10 Digital Control Module to clearly display all the crucial information about your machine. There is also low oil alert and automatic engine shutdown that helps to protect your engine at all times. This unit is Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) compatible though one is not included with this product. An ATS will sense the mains power being cut from your property and automatically start the generator. Once power has been restored, the ATS will then automatically switch you back to the mains power. This product has a 24 month Hyundai warranty with a full UK parts and service operation. Product Weight : 870kg Product Dimensions (LWH) : 2200x950x1240mm THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES A FORKLIFT TRUCK PRESENT AT DESTINATION FOR OFFLOADING OF GOODS

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