Honda Honda EU 22i 2.2kW Inverter Generator


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These days we all rely on a multitude of electronic products and gadgets at home and on our travels. To safely power the latest equipment wherever you are Honda’s EU generators use sophisticated Inverter technology to deliver pure, stable energy which is even cleaner than electricity from the mains! Power is free from surges or ‘spikes’ which can damage or crash computers and cause flicker on the latest flat screen TVs and lights. Portable devices like mobile phones and laptops need recharging eventually. With an EU portable generator you can recharge all your kit on the move, or use the DC output to top up your on-board leisure battery. Don’t let access to the mains limit your range – just plug into yor own portable power station. The Honda EU 22i benefits from a Honda GXR 120 engine to ensure reliability, efficiency and power. This model has a maximum output of 2200 Watts making this product ideal for use in garages, while camping, at festivals, or for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors. This unit also benefits from a quiet running volume, and it is also able to deal with surges in power thanks to its inverter technology. Completing this handy tool, is a lightweight design for easy portability, and a robust manufacture to ensure it is always ready to go when you are.

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