Einhell TE-CI 18 LI BL Power X-Change Brushless Impact Driver 18V Bare Unit


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The Einhell TE-CI 18 LI BL Power X-Change Impact Driver has a brushless motor for increased performance and longer operating times than a conventional carbon brush motor. The finely adjustable electronic speed control can be precisely adjusted to your requirements for the material you wish to work on, so that neither the material nor the impact driver are over strained. For soft and delicate materials in particular, it allows work to be carried out with sensitive operation. It has a short, light-weight design that reduces body stress and fatigue, and the ergonomic soft grip surfaces provide a comfortable and firm hold. For improved vision where visibility is poor there is an LED light. A direction indicator and battery capacity indicator on the machine keep you informed about its current status at all times. The Power X-Change high-speed charger takes 30 minutes to charge the battery. In addition, the battery packs can be used for all products from the Power X-Change family. 4510035: 1 x 18 Volt 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery.4510030: Bare Unit, No Battery or Charger. Specification Bit Holder: 6.35mm (1/4in).No Load Speed: 0-2,900/Min.Max Torque: 180Nm.Charging Time: 80 Minutes.Weight: 2.95kg.The Einhell TE-CI 18 LI BL Power X-Change Brushless Impact Driver is supplied as a bare unit, no battery or charger supplied.

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