Einhell PRESSITO 18/25 18v Cordless or Mains Air Compressor and Inflator No Batteries No Charger

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A versatile machine which is part of the Power X-Change family, the Einhell PRESSITO 18/25 Hybrid air compressor can be operated either at home with a power cable or on the go with an 18 volt Power X-Change battery. Its high-pressure pump is ideal for inflating tyres and balls, reaching a pressure of up to 11 bar. The low-pressure pump is ideal for air mattresses and pool inflatables. The subsequent air outlet is also provided thanks to the low-pressure suction option. An LCD display allows for easy reading of actual and target pressure in bar, psi and kPa. The supplied 4-piece adaptor set for air mattresses, balls, car and wheel tyres can be ideally stored in the storage compartment integrated into the compressor housing. The power cable and the high-pressure and low-pressure hoses can also be accommodated in integrated compartments. For portability the compressor features an integrated carrying handle and is also equipped with a built in LED torch. Features & Benefits • Hybrid function: can be used with power cable or Power X-Change battery • Desired pressure for the high-pressure pump adjustable up to 11 bar • Auto shutoff function when the set pressure is reached • Selectable pressure units: bar, psi and kPa • Pushbutton switch for inflation (high pressure) without pressure preset • Integrated storage compartment for accessories • Emergency LED light for use after dark Specifications • Voltage: 18v (Battery) / 240v (Mains) • Battery Type: Power X-Change Lithium Ion • Motor Type: Brushed • Output Power 0 Bar: 19 l/min • Output Power 4 Bar: 12 l/min • Output Power 7 Bar: 10 l/min • Machine Weight: 2.52kg Contents • PRESSITO 18/25 Hybrid Air Compressor • 4 Piece Adaptor Set • No Battery • No Charger

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