Einhell Power X-Change Einhell Power X-Change PRESSITO 18/25 18V Air Compressor (Bare Unit)


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The Einhell battery compressor PRESSITO 18/25 is part of the powerful Power X-Change family. This compressor is powered by an 18V Power X-Change battery. Its high-pressure pump reaches up to 11 bar and is ideal for inflating balls, bicycle and car tyres. The low-pressure pump inflates air mattresses and pool inflatables. The low-pressure suction option is handly for simple deflating. On the two-line LCD display, the actual and target pressure can be read in bar, psi or kPa. When the desired pressure is reached, the pump switches off automatically. A push button switch for inflating in the high-pressure range without presetting the pressure make PRESSITO easy to use. The included 3-piece adapter set contains a ball needle, a tyre adapter and a conical adapter. The adapters are accommodated in the practical, integrated storage compartment in the compressor housing. This way, no individual parts are lost. The high-pressure and low-pressure hoses can also be accommodated in integrated compartments in a space-saving manner. A practical handle and its low weight make the compressor a handy companion for on the go and at home. Does not include battery or charger. These are available separately, e.g. as an Einhell starter set.

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