Einhell CE-CC 18 Li 18v Cordless Car Compressor Air Inflator 1 x 2.5ah Li-ion Charger

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The Einhell CE-CC 18 Li Cordless Car Compressor is a compact and handy compressor which can be powered by any Power X-Change battery. Compact and battery powered, it is ideal for packing in the car – both for inflating tyres, and for leisure items like beach balls on day trips. It can also be easily be carried in a backpack when cycling, or simply kept in the home. The compressor has a digital pressure display for quick and easy reading of the current pressure settings. The desired pressure can be effortlessly set, up to a maximum of 11 bar. When the set pressure is reached, the compressor switches itself off automatically. Alternatively, manual inflation is possible at any time without having to input a preset value.The user can switch between readings in bar, psi and kpa via a push button. The CE-CC 18 Li comes with a 3 piece inflation adaptor set and all adaptors can be stored on the tool itself so they’re always to hand. A 60cm air hose with tyre valve is also included. Features & Benefits • Part of the Power X-Change cordless system • Works with any Power X-Change battery • Ideal for inflating car tyres, bike tyres and balls • Choose between bar, psi and kpa at the press of a button • Simple setting of the required pressure (up to 11 bar) • Automatic switch-off upon reaching the set pressure • Manual mode for inflating without preset value Specifications • Battery Voltage: 18v • Battery Type: Power X-Change Lithium Ion • Max Operating Pressure: 11 bar • Output Power 0 bar: 12 l/min • Output power 4 bar: 10 l/min • Output Power 7 bar: 8 l/min • Machine Weight: 0.75kg Contents • CE-CC 18 Li Cordless Car Compressor • Air Hose with Tyre Valve (60cm) • 3 Piece Adaptor Set • Einhell 18v Power X-Change Li-Ion Battery 2.5ah • Battery Charger

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