Draper Expert Brake Bleeder Adaptor Kit

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A handy Draper Expert product that helps bleed ABS brake systems and hydraulic clutches. Use in conjunction with the Draper Expert Pneumatic Brake Bleeder Kit (28833). Contents: 1 x Universal adapter (BC-0813) 1 x Universal adapter (BC-0712) 1 x GM adapter (BC-01) 1 x GM adapter (BC-02) 1 x Nissan commercial adapter (BC-03) 1 x European adapter (BC-06) 1 x Honda accord adapter (BC-09) 1 x Nissan adapter (BC-10) 1 x Honda adapter (BC-12) 1 x Nissan Primera adapter (BC-19) 1 x Toyota adapter (BC-21) 1 x Euro Coupling 1 x Universal adaptor clamp 2 x Universal thumbscrews 4 x Universal washers 2 x Universal hooks 1 x Universal chain

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