Clarke Clarke IG2000D 1.8kW Petrol Inverter Generator


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Like the rest of the recertified Clarke Inverter generator range, the EURO5 compliant IG2000D provides 230V AC power wherever it is needed whilst ensuring operators are also fully compliant with European health & safety initiatives dealing with airborne particulate matter. With a max output of 1800W (1700W continuous) it is perfect for leisure use such as camping & caravanning and much more. The sine wave constant voltage technology has a frequency stability of +/-1%, this is more stable than the normal mains supply and is therefore ideal for powering sensitive equipment such as computers TVs etc. It also provides a 12V DC output that can be used for lead acid battery top up charging. The IG2000D has an air cooled 4-stroke engine, quieter and more economical than 2-stroke engines and also features an engine economy switch. This feature further increases the fuel efficiency by adjusting engine speed to match the load required whilst also lowering the noise level. A feature which is beneficial, both to prolong the lifespan of the generator and reduce overall running costs. EURO 5 compliant engine driven ranges meet EU/2016/1628 regulations, which means improved economy and efficiency whilst lowering emissions.

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