Blue Spot Tools Blue Spot One Person Brake And Clutch Bleeder Kit


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The BlueSpot One Person Brake And Clutch Bleeder Kit enables the user to extract and replace brake fluid at the same time, using the air pressure from your spare tyre ( max 20PSI – 10PSI for older systems). The kit comes complete with a 500ml container with a magnetic base which keeps it in situ during use as well as brake bleed tubes of various sizes and a range of common sized reservoir caps suitable for most vehicle types. Contents: 1 bottle (pressurised for new brake fluid), 1 bottle cap, 2M black air hose with pressure valve, 70cm transparent tank connection tube with replacement tube, 20cm transparent drain tube with replacement tube, 25mm cap and seal for lockhead systems, 27mm cap and seal for VAG systems, 44mm & 45mm cap and seals for girling metal tanks and all ATE systems and 46mm cap and seal for some girling systems

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