110 Volt Bosch GWS 22-230 LVI Professional Angle grinder (110V)


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The Bosch GWS 22-230 LVI Professional Angle grinder is a powerful tool with the lowest weight in its class. The powerful 2200W Champion motor coupled with the straight handle and low weight make for optimum handling on and off site. The vibration of the unit is reduced by up to 50% thanks to Bosch’s vibration control main handle for low-fatigue working. The KickBack Stop system detects when the disc is jammed and shuts down the tool immediately, minimising the risk of injury to the user. There is a restart protection function that protects the tool from automatically restarting after a loss of power or mains power cut. The starting current limitation produces a soft start of the machine for comfort and reliability. Anti-rotation protective guard with quick adjustment system reliably protects you and others around you from broken discs and shards and armoured coils protect the motor against grinding dust and debris during use, maximising your tools lifespan. Comes complete with backing flange, locking nut, PROtection switch, quick adjusting protective guard, two-hole spanner and vibration control auxiliary handle.

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